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EJK Tuning Fuel Controller


Impressed with our product? Let others know by sending us a testimonial and we'll post it on this page. Contact us about how we helped you achieve maximum performance with your powersport's vehicle.

From: Carl M. - Massachusetts

Just installed the EJK controller.....Completely satisfied.... Everything is so much smoother.....No loud popping between gears, consistent. RPMs are constant. Acceleration is immediate. And they treat Vets right.....God bless you guys. 2011 Victory Crossroads.

From: Brad Kline

Thank you so much for the awesome customer service. Service like yours is hard to come by. I specifically mentioned my customer service experience with MT Pockets Performance on the FZ07 owners group on Facebook and on the FZ07.org forum. Thanks again!

From: Fred - Netherlands

Hello, my name is Fred and I am from The Netherlands. First of all I want you to excuse me for making mistakes in my English writing. I own an Yamaha FZ1N 2007 model. When I bought this bike 1.5 years ago there already was a EJK gen 3.5 on board. Together with an K&N air filter and a MIVV Suono silencer it gives my bike really awsome power!!!!!! It's like driving a rocket haha, next stop: the moon!!!! 165 HP instead of 150 factory HP. The sound that comes out of the Suono is also awesome. Thank you DP!

From: Shay Richter

The EJK tuner on my RMZ 450 completely changed the hill climbing game for me. I was needing something to keep up with guys in our group who were updating to 500ís or putting big bore kits on. This was just the ticket. The EJK tuner was easy to install and with the plug and play factory settings I didnít have to touch a thing. Performance wise the mid and top end would not stop pulling and it hit quicker off the bottom. I was pulling hills in third gear that I had never been able to before. With the EJK I blew other thumpers and a couple 525ís off the hill. Not a better feeling in the world when youíre out with the buds on a Saturday afternoon. Thanks DP!

From: Glen Doty

The EJK install on my 2011 HD Road Glide was so simple. I took the bike for a ride and man what a difference. I rode it to work this morning, roughly a 50 minute trip. Bike seems to be running cooler and has better throttle response and also a smoother idle and sound. Thank you so much for your help. DP is amazing! The EJK controller will be the recommended addition to anyone for their ride from me thatís for sure. The professional way you handle helping customers is way above what I have experienced with any other item requiring tech support. Thank you again for a GREAT product and the AWESOME Tech Support!!!!!

From: Ed Coker

I installed the MT Pockets EJK on my KTM 350 this weekend and all I can say is WOW! The difference it made was over whelming. Prior to the install I had idled the bike up to keep it from stalling and lowered the gearing to keep it in the power band. The programmer turned this thing into a beast. Throttle response is instant and power out of the turns is nothing less that wild. It honesty feels like it has a built up motor in it and never stalled once. I will be reinstalling the stock gearing to smooth it out some. Thank you so much. MT Pockets rocks!

From: Greg Walker

I installed the EJK on my 2015 Indian Roadmaster before leaving for South Dakota. I experienced significant increases in mpg and power and even a little heat reduction. I even pulled a wheelie once by accident (on a 950 lb tour bike!). Tech service on the phone during installation was also top notch - second to none! Nice to talk to a company that WANTS to talk tech with you. Awesome! Absolutely sold on your tuners and recommend them every chance I get. Makes me want to buy another bike so I can get another tuner. Great job MT Pockets!!

From: Bob Faulkner - Tbone Racing

Installed my MT Pockets EJK about a month ago on my 2011 Indian Chief and noticed a nice increase in top end performance. My bike has a stage 1, bored out exhaust, (still has the cat) and air cleaner mod, so I set the MT Pockets EJK to G-4, Y-3.5, R-3.5, GB-3.5, YB-3.5 and RB-4. Difference was amazing! I no longer have to feather the clutch in parking lots and slow turns. Power band is smooth from 1800 RPM to 3000 RPM for the first time since I have owned this bike. Great product. Thanks!!!

From: Chop

EJK on my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300: I want to thank you for your product. After using it awhile on my bike and learning how to make little adjustments as needed, I LOVE IT! The controller is a large difference even for a Ninja 300. So simple to hookup. Just a loose gas tank allowed me to hook up the piggy back wires. Didn't have to remove the tank. No computer. No splicing wires. No downloads. OTF (on-the-fly) tuning is so awesome!!

From: HOG45

All I can say is WOW!! After installing the EJK GEN 3 tuner on my 1996 roadking, the bike runs so much better. Being an older Harley Roadking with the problematic Magneti-Marelli fuel injection system, I couldn't find anyone who could properly adjust the proper fuel mix. Now with your EJK fuel controller I do not get the dreaded deceleration pop and erratic idle. Best tech support I have EVER dealt with. Thank you again for bringing my bike back to life.

From: Jame Luna

Thanks so much for the quick shipment. I installed the EJK in my 2001 HD Twin Cam 88 Road King Police. The EJK works well with the factory settings. I originally installed a PC III, but changed to your EJK unit. The EJK really woke her up unlike before. My mods consist of stage 1 exhaust & intake and S&S 509G cams. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!

From: Wentworth Henry Corley

I bought the EJK for my 2014 Honda CRF250L. As all you know that have this bike its lacking in stock form when it comes to power so I bought the EJK. THIS PRODUCT ROCKS!!!!! I added a slip on pipe and opened up the airbox and I could not believe the power this controller makes!! When I first bought this little power house I could not believe a fuel controller of this size could do what it did for my bike. I have to say this one more thing about their customer service. IT ROCKS TOO!! I work with people all day long and they are way better than me at taking care of the public. Whenever I called for help on tuning, their tech support was there to answer the phone and by the time we were done my bike had power in all of the power band and especially when I hit second it was wanting to raise the front wheel. It never did that in stock form. Not even close to that! Thanks DP for all your help and kindness! Oh yeah and I'm not good at installing things and this was VERY EASY to install as long as you read the directions! If i can do it.....you can do it!!! Thanks again MT Pockets!!!!!

From: Eddie

Great job DP! The EJK controller woke my Vaquero up from a deep sleep. Amazing how much happier the motor is all around! Best money I've spent in a long time. If anyone is thinking of adding a fuel controller (power commander, fuel pak, etc.) to your bike then I highly recommend the EJK by MT Pockets. These guys have treated me VERY well so far. THANK YOU!

From: Brett Ferguson

EJK on my 2007 Sportster 1200L
I purchased my bike with a competitor's product already installed, and after installing a new air cleaner kit, it ran terribly. I made several calls to competitor's tech support where they continued to guess at adjustments. None of them worked. I happened upon the EJK, and I was swayed by the many testimonials like this one. It showed up 2 days later, installed in under 45 minutes, and it's like a brand new bike! No more hesitation/bucking. No more deceleration popping. And it runs much cooler. Was a tremendous investment, at a very reasonable price!

From: Chris Horvath

I received the EJK for my Yamaha Stryker today. Very simple install. Took me about 15-20 minutes from start to finish. Bike rides so nice now. Much smoother. Thanks!!!

From: Doug Chilcote

You guys are awesome!!! Installed the Gen 3 EJK on my 2012 VN1700 Nomad I ordered from you. I didn't know my motorcycle could run so well!!! I didn't want to get off it! Hestitation is gone ... bike pulls harder up the mountain and on the highway in overdrive it even has more passing power without downshifting... engine runs cooler... And I haven't even tried to adjust it from the base settings at all. Thanks again for an awesome product!

From: Bill

My 2000 Road king runs like a champ now with the EJK GEN 3 installed. No more popping (backfire) or spit back thruough the intake. Thanks MT Pockets for your help with the irregular idle. Set the green mode to a light setting of 3.0 and it runs great. Evidently because my machine is stock the pre-programmed setting of 3.5 was too rich. Would highly recommed this kit to anyone having the above mentioned type of problem with the HD fuel injecton system. Well worth the price for a fantistic product!!

From: Kirk

I would like to give a very big thank you to MT Pockets Performance. My bike has never run so well! I've had the Power Commander, and Thunder Junk, oh sorry I mean Max. Don't waste your money. Just buy the EJK EFI tuner and be done! Thanks again DP!

From: George

I bought an EJK GEN 3. The unit installed like a dream and better than that, this unit enabled me to achieve the adjustments to correct the problems I was having. Thanks for delivering just what you said it would do. Also thanks for extending a discount for us vets.

From: James

I selected the MT Pockets Performance EJK GEN 3.5 because of the excellent reviews, performance, value, ease of installation and operation. At the time of the EJK install, I also installed a HD Screamin Eagle Stage One air cleaner. The test ride: Whoa!!! This fuel starved, EPA compliant, oversized lawn mower engine was awakened. Out of the box, the annoying/irritating conditions were gone. Cruise at all speeds is very smooth!! This bike is now a pleasure to ride as it should be. Thanks DP

From: Mark Johnson

I just wanted to write and thank your company for the service they provided me when i stopped by your shop during my vacation. Thanks to the MT Pockets team for the undivided attention they gave me when i was up there. That was one of the highlights of my trip. It's companies like yours that stand out from the rest with your outstanding customer service. You will always have my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a tuning system.

From: Steve Gold

I want to thank you all for getting my Road King back on the highway. I took a 130 mile ride yesterday and I believe we are all fixed. Mileage looks pretty good as well. Your generosity flat blew me away. Words can not say enough, but rest assured I will be telling people about your expertise and products!

From: Richard
Subject: EJK controller

I just wanted to follow up on the part that I ordered and say thanks. With a new exhaust, air system, and the EJK module, my HD Softail is running like a different bike...better.

Thanks for the great customer service!

From: Mark Smith
Subject: EJK controller

Got the Electronic Jet Ket installed over Christmas. Four of us went on a 225 mile ride today (just a short Lunch ride in Texas). The bike is more responsive and has more get up and go. I wanted to thank you guys for the fast shipping and a controller that is easy to install. The Stage One settings appear to be right on. Thanks

From: Anonymous
Subject: Testimonial

Like so many others, I tried the V&H Fuel Pack. No bashing of them at all, but the bike never was right. Ran across your product online, took a chance and holy crap what a pleasnt surprise! Easy install, set to your specs and never have looked at unit again! It works. Period. I had minor mods on my 06 Street Glide. Pipes and air cleaner. For those of you wanting to do the same, don't waste your time on the re-map at the dealer. This is the way to go and you get the pleasure of doing it yourself!

From: Steven
Subject: Testimonial

Hi guys, just a quick note to thank you for your great service and kindness. The unit is working great. This bike now does things it never thought of before, in a higher gear, with mucho gusto. Smoother, noticeably more power everywhere at all times. Also cooler, but now my old, tired legs get cold. Guess I'll just have to get warmer pants. Thank you all very, very much.

From: Unknown
Subject: great product

Just got back from my 80 mile test run after installing the latest version of your fuel controller on my 2009, 1000 v strom. What a great product, easy to install and easy to adjust. No more coughing and spitting @ 3000 rpms. You guys do what you say. Thanks

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